Pay It Forward


To help people in small communities establish their own sources of income which helps raise standards of living for their family and community.


To build a global network of sustainable social enterprises that improve lives worldwide.


Our goal is to provide low-income people around the world the tools and micro loans they need to succeed in their business.

We do that by offering go getting entrepreneures small loans ($500 - $1000 AUD) to establish their business so they can provide a regular source of income for their family and community.

These entrepreneures are people who have the passion, skills and motivation to change the future of their families and communities but do not qualify for loans from banks.

How you can help?

If you would like to help "pay it forward", please contact us. We have a number of people who would love to get the opportunity to follow their dreams but are limited to their current earning salary in the Philippines.

Meet Michael

First recipient of the Pay It Forward Fund

  • Location:

    Palawan, Philippines

  • Donation:

    Purchase of a tourist motorbike license. The result being the ability to support himself and his family as well as his local community.

Michael is a tricycle driver who had managed to source his own tricycle. However, new laws in Palawan (Philippines) meant that he needed to have an official franchise license before he could take public clients (tourists and domestic travellers).

The licence was more than he could earn in 1 year, let alone support his family consisting of his wife and 3 children.

So, we provided the small loan to help him pay for a franchise license. He can now take all clients and provide a steady income to cover expenses and children's education.

Hard Working